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Bean Hollow

The HammerVines of Bean Hollow Welcome You!

We're pleased you made your way here, hope you'll visit awhile now and come back later when the mood strikes.
While Bean Hollow Beach, in Pescadero, California IS our actual neighborhood, it is more a state of mind than geography. There is something in this vibrant yet settled land of towering redwood trees which ease westward down wildflower-strewn hillls, through deliciously rich farmland abutting marshes and sand dunes, which both feeds and rocks my soul.


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Note from Toez


Jumping Whale


The sea music of nearby elephant seals at Ano Nuevo State Reserve, migrating grey whales and sea lions alternately waft through my consciousness and assault any stasis which may impotently attempt to find a toehold here.  Here, life is visceral and joyous. Otherwordly "magic light" illumines the stage upon which hawks and songbirds share equal billing with the sea and mountain mammals, who co-habit with greater clarity and reason than we humans seem to be able to muster sometimes. AH! But this is a preamble, a musing upon this most special place..Bean Hollow.

So, you may ask who are the "we" of Bean Hollow?

Well, of course, "we" starts with "you" because you are here to visit! Please DO leave your calling card and/or a note since the best part of having company is planning to get together again and share ideas, stories and the stuff of lives lived fully.


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Now for the "US"....the HammerVines of Bean Hollow.*
First.. I must credit our friends Adele and Conrad Teitell of Connecticut for this perfect appelation! Two Hammermans (Amanda and Barbara) and one Lavine...ergo HammerVines of Bean Hollow! Guess this little nook of the webworld is intended to be our parlor, our rumpus room, our guest house, our meeting place, our music hall, our reading room, workshop, photolab and general drop-in-for-a-howdy-and-a-beverage homeland.

Angel Fish

You are most likely here because you are our friends or friends of friends <smile>.  Since we have wide ranging interests, both profesionally and avocationally, folks beyond our immediate circle of friends may wander in from time to time. Hope you will stay awhile to get acquainted and let us know a bit about you. Don't you really believe that the 6 degrees of separation are reduced to no more than 2 1/2 here in Cyberia? And ain't that grand!


Think I'll stop this muse now...and ask my friends Sue and Jim to put this up on the page so we can start with something!  Naturally, I wanted it to be "perfect" before "going public"........ahhhh such is the curse of Scorpios.... I've been procrastinating for weeks after getting this nifty domain name. But there is something that is very important which can't be held back due to my need for more definition. So, gonna just jump into this by focusing on a very special project: The Luther Allison Endowment Fund.

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