Toez Jam Tour 97/98
Mannys Car Wash

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Buddy Fox relaxing with Sue and Barbara (Toez). Buddy Fox relaxing with Sue and Barbara (Toez) after his decorating Tour d' Force! GREAT Balloon Show Buddy. Thanks! ToezJamSkyCam(c) pic ToezJamSkyCam(c) captures the revelers in fine form. DK and Leslie, avowed ToezJam cult leaders, caught shamelessly instigating levity.
Stanley & Toez Stanley and Toez share a bit of the evening. Can you even COUNT all those candles?!?!?! Can you even COUNT all those candles?!?!?!
Enjoying visit with friends Backstage Toez receives Manny's sweatshirt from"the establishment" and enjoys visit with (l-rt) Mark the Harper, Sally, Michael A., Howie F., Headliner Mr. Jimmy Vivino and Guest Jammer, Bobby Radcliff. Take a deep breath and blow out ALL those candles Yowzers! Never knew 50 candles were such a flamming spectacle. Here's hopin the wish is fulfilled.
Luther Allison Endowment Fund Speech Toez invited to stage by Jimmy V. to tell folks about the Luther Allison Endowment Fund. Very responsive crowd! Summer 97, Manny's owners Summer '97 /Manny's owners, The Brothers Winter (Brad & Mike) confab with Toez to plan benefits for Luther
Toez explaining the Luther Allison Endowment Fund Vivino takes friend's trumpet for an impromptu audience treat! Radcliff jams away. Birthday Cake Presentation Sally (MustDance) presents birthday cake to surprised Toez!
ToezJammers! Serious ToezJammers sporting All Access Badges. All ('cept Carl) in this pic actually made Indy party also! (l-rt) Carl, Eric, Leslie,Toez, Doug & DK .
What fine Footwork!!! One ToezJam Cult member demonstrates fine footwork ! Alllriiiight MIKE!


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