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How and Why Bean Hollow Productions, the Forever Blues Project© and the Luther Allison Endowment Fund Were Started


Blues music has a way of bringing people together.  On a California day in 1997, friends that found each other through their love of Blues music, met at Bean Hollow State Beach.  They began to talk about the devastating year it had been for the blues community. 

Many Blues artists became seriously ill and many passed away that year.  Many dollars and volunteer hours were donated to the fund-raisers for blues artists and their families.  Everywhere there was a worthy cause, yet, there wasn't a centralized resource or organization to address the types of issues that effect the health and well-being of blues artists.

These friends dedicated themselves to working together on special projects:
a) to provide a catalyst to add vitality to the blues music scene in the general San Francisco Bay to Monterey area and
b) to honor internationally acclaimed bluesman Luther Allison's contribution to the blues community and to keep his memory alive by creating The Luther Allison Endowment Fund.

This fund, the first of the Forever Blues Projects, is housed within the Blues Community Foundation of Chicago, and is specifically designed to address the systemic challenges facing blues musicians by harnessing human and financial resources into a centralized resource.

The kickoff party for establishing the fund was presented under the guise of a 50th Birthday Party for Barbara "Toez" Hammerman. An expert in the field of of endowment funding and a patron of blues music, Barbara chose a "road tour" party theme.  Touted as Toez Jam Tour '97, the gatherings gave Barbara an opportunity to announce her creation of the Luther Allison Endowment Fund.  Hundreds attended these events nationwide, and all were very successful.  The final destination on the Toez Jam Tour '97 was URBC,but it was just the beginning of good things to come!

While the final TJT'97 "gig" aboard the Ultimate Rhythm and Blues Cruise is history, the Legacy of Luther Allison lives on through his music and the tribute to the man and his music embodied in the creation of this PERMANENT fund.

Barbara extends her heartfelt thanks to Roger Naber, George Myers (now deceased), Marty Adler, Susan Antone, Bill Welch, Phil Lewis, Carol and Hal Yeagy, Bill Gilmore, Ron and Tim Duarte, Buddy Fox, and Brad and Michael Winter, and the venue coordinators, Sally Upshaw (NYC) and John Mintz (Austin) for helping to make our vision a reality.

Special thanks  for early support and encouragement to Rocky Brown, Bruce Iglauer and Miki Mulvehill.





There are several terrific foundations already doing good work in meeting the emergency needs of blues musicians and recognizing significant contributions to the field of blues music.  I contribute to those foundations and funds myself. I chose my 50th birthday to underwrite the development of The Luther Allison Endowment Fund because that year - 1997 - seemed to be assaulting us with endings of the lives of so many of our great artists.  I wanted to find some "PERMANENT" way to honor their work AND create a resource to address some of the challenges those artists face during life!

I am personally appreciative of the early support and encouragement from Rocky Brown and Miki Mulvehill and proud to be partners with Bill Gillmore, Bruce Iglauer, and Richard Shurman, members of the Board of Directors of the Blues Community Foundation, in making this unique contribution to the field of philanthropy in music.  Every penny contributed to The Luther Allison Endowment Fund will stay intact FOREVER.  "All contributions will be invested and income generated will be used to support approved projects."

Thank you for helping us share Luther's legacy forever,




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