SHHHH.......It's a Party and You're Invited!



Enough Louisiana inspired food to CHOKE a Gator!




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For your listening enjoyment, Luther Allison, ALL YOUR LOVE


Enough Louisiana inspired food to CHOKE a Gator!





What I need to bring to this summer party?


*Favorite Beverage (Beer and Soda provided IF YOU RSVP!
* The Family!
Supervised kiddos
of all ages welcome
* Lawn Chairs
* Swim (or Coastal Fog)
Suit and Towel
* Sweater
* Dirt Boots (it can get dusty in
the field)
* Favorite Beverage
(Beer and soda provided IF you
* Curiosity about Tide Pools?
* Binoculars
* Kites and Kite Flying Skills
* Energy for the Horse Shoe Pit!
* Frisbees
* Good Humor
* Self-sufficiency & high
tolerance for ambiguity
* AND . . . we'll be


You are invited to Barbara, Raymond, and Amanda's annual Bean Hollow Beach, Blues and Bayou Fete! It's a "PRIVATE" party celebrating America's Music--  The Blues, Louisiana Cookin' and benefitting* blues music and artists through The Luther Allison Endowment Fund of the Community Blues Foundation!





*The artists have been invited to bring merchandise for your convenience and they have pledged to donate a percentage of sales to the Luther Allison Preserving the Blues Endowment Fund.

Date SATURDAY, JULY 22,2000
Party Time: 1pm - 9pm
Location: Their Home at Bean Hollow Beach

... in Pescadero, CA!
... on Highway 1, 'bout 35 miles North of Santa Cruz,
15 miles South of Half Moon Bay,
3000 miles West of NYC, and a gazillion miles from the ordinary

Call us at 1-888-661-4371 or E-mail me at TypezWToes@aol.comGive your name, phone number and mailing address.  Then your Party Access FunPass, precise address and directions will be sent to you!   And if you'd like to bring a blues-lovin' guest or two, we trust your judgement.   Just PLEASE let us know WHO and HOW MANY, and add accordingly to your pot luck dish!  We value this time to visit with you, our special friends, and will ENJOY meeting select friends of yours.


Don't wanna drive home Saturday Night? There are a few motels, and B&B's in the area, a new coastal lodge and campground that are
holding rooms for our group, but will release them soon so CALL us for information! ALSO, Some people are
staying over on the property right here at the house at Bean Hollow.. Basic field camping . . Bring your own sleeping
arrangements: tents, campers and if you are camping, PLEASE GET HERE EARLY TO LOAD IN BEFORE THE MUSIC STARTS AT 1PM, THANK YOU

We Be JAMMIN!!!!am369.gif (17224 bytes)




The Line UP


The Chris Cobb Band and Jam!   notes_icon.gif (81 bytes)
Back for the third year  Chris KICKS OFF and Closes the day!!!  Chris and the Band are The Bean Hollow Blues House Band and Bay Area Blues Band fixture!  Our ultimate host band  with their own hard drivin' music, Chris gets everyone in on the action by generously inviting Toez Jammin' Time for all who have the urge! Bring your instrument and join in for Final Jam of the Day!

All the way from Louisiana, with special guest, exciting Bay Area keyboardist, Dave Gorges, with an all original inaugural CD, Preaching the Grease, this Baton Rouge funk-rock trio has earned the coveted, "DOuble Horn" rating.   "I don't just give double horns away, you're got to earn it."  This 3-piece sounds like what veteran blues players want to sound like.  "Check out the blistering lead guitar" - RHYTHM CITY, 8/99

We're just SO happy that The TCB Boys are back again at Bean Hollow!  The entire band - Tommy, Keith, Randy and Billy - play tight and fierce with a solid party vibe!  You know THEY'RE havin' fun and so do we!

"Castro, current king of the San Francisco blues scene, is an elastic, chillingly intense vocalist and scorching guitarist who knows just when to lay back and when to invade . ."
Lee Hildebrand, The East Bay Express

MUMBO GUMBO notes_icon.gif (81 bytes)
If you're not dancin' during this set, you'd better check for a pulse!  This extremely infectious Gulf Coast influenced 7 piece band features two FABULOUS women singers - one who plays a mean washboard -,  plus a spritely accordionist, and a sure-footed and funky rhythm section.  Combining the freshest ingredients of Americana pop, blues, zydeco, Tex-Mex, New Orleans Voodoo Mambo, reggae, and rock and roll, Mumbo Gumbo is original music that feels GREAT!!


"Special thanks to Melissa Rigler for invitation artistic concept"


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I'm there!!!

I'd walk 3000 miles for a Bean Hollow Party!

What's Cookin?

Famed Crawfish Festival Producer and "Food of the Bayou" Guru, Michael Arnone will be on hand to conjure up enough Louisiana inspired food to choke a gator!
*    Jambalaya
*    Alligator Sausage
*    Fried catfish
*    Hush Puppies
*    Cajun boiled shrimp & potatoes
*    Corn on the cob
Crawfish Bread- direct from Marksville, Louisiana!
Duarte's Pecan Pies
*    Deep South Pecan Pralines

And from Regie's Bayou Cantina!:
* Artichoke Quesadillas
* Grilled Corn On The Cob
* Louisiana Yummy Surprise!
. . . all complimented by YOUR   Pot Luck creation!

Roll Em!

Production team:
Senior Producers: The HammerVines of Bean HollowTeam: ellen, creator of sanity * howard, the parking czar * kathy * crash * mother cam * melissa * james e. * michael * regie * jose * joe * jennifer * will and linda * tim * bob * smitty ray * dede * dan * kyler * colin * sistah sue * left coast blues cruisers (they don't come to watch!) * all the artists

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*Back by popular request!

The Bean Hollow Beach, Blues & Bayou Fete T-Shirts!  Available when you make a donation to the Endowment Fund.   You may bring your check made payable to The Blues Community Foundation.   In the memo section of the check write Luther Allison Endowment Fund/TJT.  Tax Exempt ID for your records is: 38-391055.  If you are unable to come and play with us but wish to make a donation, simply mail to:

Blues Community Foundation
1441 West Devon
Chicago, IL 60660

(t-shirts only available at the party)


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