Toez Jam Tour 97/98
Antone's Blues Club

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Toez Jam Begins!!!!!!!!! Nov. 1, 1997 Alriiiiiighhhtt! ToezJamBegins!!! Barbara (Toez!) arrives at the private room at Sullivan's restaurant for dinner party before jammin at Antones. Launch of the Luther Permanent Fund M.J. (Antone's manager), Louis (a New Orleans festival promoter) and Toez catch up the year since they've seen each other. Everyone excited about the launchof the PERMANENT fund to honor Luther.
Toez & Family Relaxing Toez and family relax in the shadow of Stevie on the banks of Town Lake overlooking downtown Austin. Amanda and new friend Amy Mintz Lil Toez, Amanda and friend Amy Mintz are havin' Way Too Much ToezJamFun! Shoulda seen the GREAT Birthday pastry plate Amy had prepared by her pastry chef.
Happy Birthday to Toez! Susan Antone leads the pyrotecnic portion of the evening and a round of Happy Birthday to Toez! [ Note: Many in the room reported hearing a blazing rift from Luther in celebration of the evening.] Stylin in their Toez Jam T-Shirts Kimi and the San Antonio Connection arrive at Sullivan's and receive the Official ToezjamTour T-shirt!!! Ohhh Happy Dance!
Who's fault is this? Wanna find someone to blame for ToezJam?A#1candidate.."LateBlues" John Mintz! Seen trying to hide behind wife Amy. It's his fault for starting this Austin Toez Birthday tradition! BREEDLOVE at Antone's! ToezJammin' with BREEDLOVE at Antone's! Couldn't have put many more people in there unless they swung from the rafters!
Ilsa , Toez, SugarBear and Susan Ilsa , Toez, SugarBear and Susan reverentially acknowlege the now-traditional "wearing of the time-share ring". Don't ask. You just have to be there. Honest. Toast by Raymond Lavine A toast from Raymond Lavine to kick off ToezJam, to celebrate Barbara's birthday and honor Luther's legacy .
M.J.,Louis, Toez and Gary Alter M.J.,Louis, Toez and Gary Alter (Jewish Federation of Austin and long time Luther lover). A grouping that's testimony to the power of the blues to bring folks together...Just as Luther wanted. Presentation by Eddy Canada to Toez Well known artist, Eddy Canada, presents Toez with the artist's proof of a work sure to please our water-loving Scorpio! Signed "Tahnks Toez, Eddy Canada '97" If you think that's spelled wrong haven't seen ToezTypOing!
Toez, Susan and SugarBear Toez, Susan and SugarBear : Best guess here is that Susan has clandestinely concealed 'the ring" in the unlikely event Toez would have reneged 9sp?) on the long-standing deal. Barbara explaining need for Permanent Fund Serious part of the evening when Barbara explains the need for Permanent Funding and why the Luther Allison Endowment Fund fills that gap in the blues community. [Mintz photo of Lazy Lester&JimmyVaughan@Antone's]



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